Test Security

Secure Infrastructure

Prolydian employs a built-in cloud-based security center which adds additional protection at the server level. 

Privacy and Security Features

Item Banking Security

Item banks can represent a significant asset for any company. Prolydian takes the responsibility of data protection very seriously. 

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is when a user is required to verify a second piece of information in addition to their password in order to gain access to data or system. For example, in addition to supplying the correct user name and password combination, a user may also be required to authenticate their email or cell phone number of record. By having this added security in place, data remains protected even when a password is breached. Two factor authentication is required for any user having access to one or more item banks. 

Security Manager

During system setup which occurs before any data is uploaded to the system. The program owners and system roles are established including a "Security Manager" for each organization. The Security Manager receives email messages when system permissions change and also has access to forensics data. In some instances, the Security Manager must serve as a third approval when a person is granted full or partial access to the item bank.

Event capturing and Forensics

Every touch of the system is recorded. Every time a user creates, edits, or deletes a bit of data the system records "fingerprints" such as the user and location data. 

Organizational Security Measures

The Prolydian enterprise requires stakeholders to be bound by confidentiality agreements and subject to corporate policies. 

Industry Standards

System processes are designed to be in-step with NCCA and ISO standards.