Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How fast can we switch to remote proctoring?

A: The on-boarding process varies but generally takes between 2-5 weeks. Click on Next Steps for more information.


Q: Is Prolydian's Remote Proctoring secure?

A:  Prolydian partners with Examity, a reputable company specializing in remote proctoring. Examity uses proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms to assist live proctors to elevate test security to the highest levels possible. See more about Remote Proctoring


Q: Do I have to use Prolydian psychometricians or test developers? What if we have our own team? 

A: We're recommending our consulting affiliates because we know they deliver quality services, however, you may use your own expertise and provide them with system accounts accordingly. There is no requirement to use Prolydian's team of recommended consultants. 


Q: Will we need to sign a long term contract? 

A: No. We make every effort to provide flexibility for you. The term for the license agreement is one year, however testing and proctoring fees are billed in arrears so you can stop the service at any time. There is a provision allowing you to remove your data if necessary. We're confident you'll love the Prolydian solution so much that you won't want to leave!


Q: Are there test publishing or any other 'hidden' fees?

A: No. The only applicable fees are listed on the Pricing page. Additional fees may apply if you request programming changes, system integration, or other special services.


Q: Can I use Prolydian WITHOUT Remote Proctoring? (We can proctor tests in our own facilities)

A: Yes. You can deliver some tests with remote proctoring and other tests with self proctoring. Simply create different exam events and adjust the settings accordingly. (The self-proctor option is less expensive as there are no remote proctoring fees.) 


Q: Is Prolydian cloud-based?

A: Yes, Prolydian is 100% cloud-based. We use Microsoft Azure to enable rapid scaling, high availability, and enhanced security.