Choosing Prolydian

Working with Prolydian is smooth and trouble free and elevates your program to a new level.  Here's how we do it!

Step 1. Investigate 

Prolydian is a full service testing company that leverages technology to help lower costs by making your program more efficient. Review the video demos below to see how the "one-stop-shop" technology works together: including item banking, candidate application processing, test centers, and integrated live remote proctoring. 

One-Stop-Shop Overview (14:59) 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (13:55)
Onboarding (2:47)
Testimonials (3:35)
Item Banking Features (1:47)
Item Banking Tutorial (12:43)
Exam and Form Design Tutorial (6:25)
Exam Design Features (1:46)
Exam Events Tutorial (4:16)
Onboarding (2:47)
Notification Templates (3:46)
Certification Tracking Part 1 (2:39)
Certification Tracking Part 2 (2:45)
Credential Management with CEU tracking (10:32)
Pearson Integration (35:08)


Step 2. Consult

Set up a 30 minute consultation with us so that we can better understand the nuances of your program. Use the link below to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

New Client Questionnaire

Schedule a Consultation


Step 3. Review

We can deliver a customized proposal for you. Proposals can generally can be received before the end of the next next business workday. 


Step 4. Agree

Execution of the agreement plus the initial payment places you in the queue for full system implementation. Implementation normally takes between 2-10 weeks. Let us know about your time constraints. Oftentimes we can schedule the onboarding milestones to occur in accordance with your time constraints. 


Step 5. Onboard

Work with our team to securely deliver your data for uploading. We also set up user accounts and permissions, and configure notifications to get you off to a fast start! You can learn more about the on-boarding process here.


Step 6. Partner

Our success is your success! The Prolydian support team is here to answer questions and ensure your program runs smoothly. We can also assist and advise as you grow your program.