Base License Fee (includes all features)

  Item Bank Size Per Year  
  1-500 items $1,000  
  501-1500 items $2,000  
  1501-3000 items $2,750  
  3001-5000 items $3,500  
  unlimited items $6,000  

Usage/ Volume-Based Fees and Credits

  Prolydian services require the pre-purchase of credits. Receive discounts for high volume:  
  Purchase Credits    
  1-9999 $1 per credit  
  10,000 credits (5% discount) $9,500  
  25,000 credits (8% discount) $23,000  
  50,000 credits (10% discount) $45,000  
  100,000 credits (12% discount) $88,000  

Candidate Application Processing

  Includes workflow, payment processing, & notifications. Pre-purchased Credits
  Each Application Processed 5.00  
  Credit Card Processing Fees 5%  

Deliver Exams WITHOUT test center network

  When using your own premises to delivery exams Pre-purchased Credits  
  Each Exam Registration Processed 25.00  

Deliver Exams WITH test center network

  When using Prolydian test center network to deliver exams Pre-purchased Credits  
  Each Exam    
  2 hour test (or less) 55.00  
  3 hour test 65.00  
  4 hour test 75.00  
  >4 hour test 35.00 + 10/hr  

Deliver Exams Using Remote Proctoring

  Each Exam Registration Processed    
  2 hour test (or less) TBD  
  3 hour test TBD  
  4 hour test TBD  
  >4 hour test TBD  

Customization and Support Fees

  Let us assist with data imports and system integration! Prices are based on project size and based on hourly rates. Contact us for a quote.