Remote Proctoring with Examity - How does it work?

Prolydian is fully integrated with ProctorU/ Meazure Learning and Examity. Both remote proctoring options are seamless and have an excellent candidate experience.

Meazure/ ProctorU Services

Examity Services

The Examinee's Experience

Candidates only need to interact with the Prolydian website to take their proctored test. Because Prolydian is seamlessly integrated with remote proctoring services, candidates only need to establish a user accounts on the Prolydian platform.

Downloading software onto the test takers computer can create additional support issues, so we often discourage use of lockdown browsers for remote proctored exams. Therefore, with standard remote proctoring solutions nothing is downloaded or installed. To satisfy security requirements normally met by lockdown browser software, we employ an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning module built into the video camera software that detects screen changes. For example, if a candidate were to open a search engine to look up an answer, the AI module would immediately detect the screen change, alert the proctor, and halt the exam. Likewise, the AI monitors the audio and video for any motions or sounds consistent with cheating and alerts the proctor when anomalies are detected.

See the Step-by-Step Video for Remote Proctoring

Security Measures

Test data, including test items and scoring data, is never transferred to Examity or Meazure Learning. Test data remains within the Prolydian platform at all times including during the test delivery session. 

After reviewing the checklist of special instructions, the proctor runs through a standard routine where the testing environment is scanned using the test taker's webcam. Any items such as nearby papers or second monitors must be removed. The testing environment must be "clean" and proctors are trained for this assessment. Additionally, the proctor has the candidate upload a government-issued ID and examines it to authenticate the test taker. The image is kept on file for a period of time.

The proctors who monitor our exams are all full-time employees, rather than contractors. Additionally, we have supervisors watching proctors at all times in a secure facility.

Defending the security of exams is paramount. And now that testing centers are closed due to the coronavirus there are many organizations in the same boat. The accrediting bodies are responding. Here's the response from NCCA opening applications for a short-term assessment of live remote proctoring as a delivery method for accredited programs.

ANSI is following suit. Recently, ANSI/ANAB started an expedited review and provisional accreditation for remote proctoring.

The standards don't directly address whether or not remote proctoring is allowed, but rather, that certain security standards are met. It's our aim to meet every requirement despite not being physically present during the testing administration.

Special Remote Proctoring Instructions

Through the Prolydian portal, special instructions can be provided upon creation of the exam event. These special instructions are made available to the proctor prior to the start of each test.

After the Exam

The exam sessions are reviewed afterward to determine the likelihood of a cheating occurrence. Once this audit is completed, any violations are communicated directly to Prolydian and the appropriate individuals are contacted to determine a resolution.

Before your exam, please confirm you meet technical requirements

  • Browser: Please disable your pop-up blocker
  • Equipment:
    • Desktop or laptop computer (tablets and Chromebooks are not supported)
    • Built-in or external webcam
    • Built-in or external microphone
    • Built-in or external speakers
  • Internet: An upload and download speed of 2Mbps


Billing is consolidated so you will only receive one invoice for monthly usage, including remote proctoring services.