Switching to Prolydian is easy. Whether you are changing from an existing testing company vendor or you're starting up a brand new program. We have streamlined the on-boarding process. Here are the steps: 

1. Consultation - Depending on your schedule, we can usually arrange for a consultation within three business days. During this call we learn more about your needs. Normally, a small set up fee is required to import data, configure notifications, and configure the system for your use.

2. Agreement - Based on the initial consultation we will send you an agreement with a cost proposal. 

3. Transferring your data - We provide a secure means to transfer item banks and candidate data.  

4. Getting Set up - Setting up your new program with Prolydian takes between 1-3 weeks. 

5. Scheduling an orientation - Getting off to a good start is important to us! We schedule an orientation session for your team to walk through the features and answer any questions.