Prolydian Features Update: 7.8.2021

As you know, Prolydian is constantly updating the system and its offerings to better support your organization's processes. Whether we're adding new features to our newest recertification component or improving our staple item banking, exam design, or application processing features, we're adding new code to the site once or twice per month. Sometimes these updates are "structural" and intended to simply improve performance or upgrade existing infrastructure - boring, but important nonetheless!

To better provide you with a high level overview of new and upcoming features, we'll be sending quarterly updates by email instead of sending updates ahead of each release. Supplemental to these emails, we're working on implementing a publicly accessible development roadmap and release schedule on a site that will also give you the opportunity to "vote" on new features. We hope this new approach will give you even more visibility (and input!) into new features. Expect an email from me in the coming weeks with information on how to access this new site.

One of the newest features that we implemented last quarter will change the way our users view data about their users. Before providing a summary, some context: Prolydian started as an item banking, exam design, and delivery platform. Over the years, we added new components (application processing, certification tracking, for example) to provide a more comprehensive solution for all credentialing programs. In building these features out, we added separate listings for each component - the applicant listing for viewing applicant information, examinee listing for viewing candidate information, and the certificant listing for viewing certification information about a person. This "segmented" approach, while effective, resulted in mini "data silos" where information about a person's activity in a specific context was only visible within that context.

So now, the solution. In June, we slowly rolled out (and began training users on) our new "User dashboard." This new way of viewing a person's data let's you view all data for any user who has created an account from your landing page, has completed an application for your program, has taken one of your exams, or has been granted one of your certifications. When accessing a user's record from the People > Users listing, you'll now be presented with multiple tabs (depending on the services you use and your access level) to view that user's contact/account information, applications, registrations, certifications, and transactions. This new view contains all features of the current listings for those components, but shows the data in a "person-centered" way. Now, when you receive an inquiry from a member of your organization, you can simply search for them from the Users listing and view everything about them without having to figure out whether they're an applicant, candidate, or certificant first. We're confident that this new feature will give you better visibility and the information necessary to better support your users.

Take a look below at all the features we've added over the last quarter. We also have a sneak peak look at what's to come this quarter and beyond.

New features

  • Fonteva Integtation
  • Thinkific Integration
  • Kryterion Integration
  • User Dashboard
  • Bibliography component for managing references
  • Custom item types and scoring
  • Refreshed "My exams" dashboard
  • Configurable Webhooks
  • Improved "Apply now" available applications display
  • Improved listing refresh and search performance
  • Improved user timezone detection and storage

What’s next

  • Quick navigation between CE requests/Applications
  • White labeling
  • Automated, configurable email reminders
  • Bulk voucher purchasing for partner organizations
  • Your Membership integration
  • Angoff ratings for multiple choice items
  • Custom certification component labels
  • ...and so much more!!!

Our team is committed to providing our users with an unmatched combination of functionality and user experience. Feedback from our users is the best way for us to achieve that goal, so if you experience any issues after our site update, or if you just want to give us some input, please feel free to contact me directly or reach out to our support team at