Prolydian Feature Update - New things coming your way!

On July 29th, Prolydian's development team released the much-anticipated Angoff Ratings feature within the Item Banking component, which allows subject matter experts to provide their ratings for the percentage of individuals who should answer a given question correctly. Take a look at our updates feed here for demo videos of how this feature works!

Our next update, currently planned for late August, will include the Application Builder feature, which will allow you to view, modify, and create versions of your application forms.

Our team is committed to providing our users with an unmatched combination of functionality and user experience. Feedback from our users is the best way for us to achieve that goal, so if you experience any issues after our site update, or if you just want to give us some input, please feel free to contact me directly or reach out to our support team at

Have a colleague or friend who should be "in the know" about upcoming features? Feel free to send them this email or have them subscribe here. You can also check our updates feed here.

Kind regards,
Michael Mayer

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