Prolydian Feature Update 12.31.2020

Happy New Year!

I truly hope that you and your family have enjoyed this unique holiday season. At Prolydian, we've been reflecting on this whirlwind of a year and how we, and our customers, have adapted and bettered ourselves despite the adversity we have faced. The changes we've all had to make have been incredibly challenging, and I'm so proud of the way all of us have gracefully handled this situation. As we close out 2020, I'd like to wish you a happy, safe, and prosperous new year.

The final quarter of 2020 has brought about some incredible UI/UX changes to Prolydian. We've incorporated a brighter color scheme, refreshed the way we show you data with our updated listing design, given you more options for how to view your information, enabled custom paging sizes and mass actions, and enhanced pretty much every component of the system in at least some minor way. We expect the first quarter of 2021 to bring about a flurry of new features, including some exciting integration opportunities with some of our partners.

Take a look below at everything you’ll see after our update on 1/3/2021. We also have a sneak-peak list of some features and improvements expected in our next January system update and beyond.

New features

  • Improvements to our certification tracking component
  • Enhanced certificant filter options
  • Issuance of digital badges for passed exams or certifications via our BadgeCert integration
  • Custom listing page sizes
  • Minor UI tweaks and improvements

What’s next

  • Certification tracking component UI enhancements
  • Application submission and processing UI enhancements
  • Listing performance improvements
  • White labeling
  • Additional item types
  • ...and so much more!!!

Our team is committed to providing our users with an unmatched combination of functionality and user experience. Feedback from our users is the best way for us to achieve that goal, so if you experience any issues after our site update, or if you just want to give us some input, please feel free to contact me directly or reach out to our support team at

Have a colleague or friend who should be "in the know" about upcoming features? Feel free to send them this email or have them subscribe here.

Kind regards,
Michael Mayer
Chief Product Officer