Prolydian Feature Update 11.13.2020

Over the past month our development team has been primarily focused on incorporating a new layout into the system and expanding our CEU submission and review capability to support complex recertification processes. The upcoming layout changes give you the ability to define how you see your data (as a table or a grid layout), change the position of "available actions" in the system, and incorporate a redesigned pager that allows for a more flexible review of large sets of data.

While the changes to the "look and feel" are significant, we believe the intuitive design should make for an easy transition. These layout modifications also lay the groundwork for us to incorporate even more custom, user-defined display options moving forward. As always, the changes we make to Prolydian are centered on making things easier for you, with a focus on the "how" and "why" you interact with the system.

Take a look below at everything you’ll see after our update on 11/15, and don't forget to take a look at the attached screenshots of the new interface. We also have a sneak-peak list of some features and improvements expected in our next November system update and beyond.

New features

  • Enhanced CEU submission options
  • Expanded user management to all user-related listings (applicants, certificants, examinees)
  • Comprehensive layout overhaul with table and grid display options
  • Improved listing pager

What’s next

  • BadgeCert integration
  • Enhanced user management
  • Listing performance improvements
  • White labeling
  • Additional item types
  • ...and so much more!!!

Our team is committed to providing our users with an unmatched combination of functionality and user experience. Feedback from our users is the best way for us to achieve that goal, so if you experience any issues after our site update, or if you just want to give us some input, please feel free to contact me directly or reach out to our support team at

Have a colleague or friend who should be "in the know" about upcoming features? Feel free to send them this email or have them subscribe here.

Kind regards,
Michael Mayer
Chief Product Officer