Prolydian and BadgeCert Announce Integration Agreement

Tallahassee, FL – January 27, 2021. Prolydian, a cloud-based test assessment provider offering an all-in-one collaboration platform for integrated candidate management, item banking, live remote proctoring and now offers digital badging. This month Prolydian fully integrated with BadgeCert, a leader in digital badging/credentialing to offer digital credentialing services to its clients, customers, and their certificants. 

Digital Badges have become increasingly important to credentialing organizations as a verifiable way to acknowledge a test candidates’ achievement and competency. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Prolydian as they are a leader and pioneer in the credentialing industry. Moreover, they are consistently exceeding their clients’ expectations with respect to technology innovation and customer service,” said Ginger Malin, Ph.D., Founder and CEO at BadgeCert. “This partnership will provide badge earners with significant value as they can now seamlessly earn badges through Prolydian and immediately share their verified credentials across the web."

“The world is getting more specialized as employers are searching for job candidates with proven knowledge in specific areas. Likewise, certification sponsors seek to strengthen their brand. BadgeCert provides a valuable service on both these fronts,” commented Jay Foster, President at Prolydian. “Digital badging is a natural extension to the Prolydian suite of services. We're thrilled to be working with the BadgeCert team to bring the highest quality services and a premium user experience to customers.”

With this integration, digital badges can be automatically awarded to candidates upon their successful completion of the exam, for the length of the certification cycle, organizations in turn provide benefit to their recipients with verifiable credentials, seamless assignment for an overall positive experience.

It is Prolydian’s ongoing mission to team up with the most esteemed consultants in the industry to support and advance professional high-stakes certification programs. 

About Prolydian
The Prolydian team has been supporting high-stakes assessment programs since 2002. With this extensive experience they have continuously improved the ability to offer easy-to-use and flexible software solutions, world class support, and top-notch consultants to aid with test development and measurement activities. Prolydian’s aim is to be the world-wide elite leader and “one-stop-shop” provider for programs offering high-stakes exams.

About BadgeCert
BadgeCert enables your organization to recognize stakeholders’ accomplishments with 100% verifiable digital badges. The company was founded by expert educators, technologists and entrepreneurs on the premise that recognizing effort, participation, contributions, and accomplishments is important to motivate people to develop, progress and achieve. To learn more visit

Press Contact
Alina Cooper, CAE
Prolydian, LLC