Lineup and Prolydian Announce Integration Agreement

WASHINGTON, DC – September 14, 2020 –  Lineup® announces an integration agreement with Prolydian, a Virtual Testing Company.

Lineup®, the only cloud-based platform for seamless SME management in the testing industry reached an agreement to integrate its platform with Prolydian. The integration will enable Prolydian to provide a holistic solution for its test publishing clients, combining their native features that support Candidate Management, Item Banking, Test Development, Test Delivery, Remote Proctoring, and Digital Badging, with Lineup®’s state-of-the-art SME management platform.

“Lineup is the perfect complement to Prolydian, making us truly the 'one-stop-shop' for certification programs”, said Jay Foster, President for Prolydian. "Integrating the Prolydian platform with Lineup makes SME management super simple; clients couldn't be happier."  

“One very important part of the product life cycle of an exam is finding, recruiting, and retaining a healthy talent pool of subject-matter experts in the domain of the exam. This piece of the puzzle does not have to be an afterthought anymore and can now be an integral part of the process”, added Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate, President for Lineup. “Our integration with Prolydian will enable insights and data flows not possible before that will allow test developers to maximize their ROI when making the most accurate assessment exam possible”,

About Prolydian
With extensive experience, Prolydian is pleased to offer a comprehensive and easy-to-use software platform to support certification and certificate programs. Our aim is to be the world-wide elite leader and “one-stop-shop” provider for programs offering high-stakes exams. For additional information visit:

About Lineup®
Lineup is a cloud-based solution designed to automate team management, communication & data collection for your staff, volunteers, or Subject Matter Experts. Lineup simplifies your team management processes by making your people-data filterable and actionable. Automate data collection, recruiting, email communications, and document tracking. No more messy spreadsheets! For additional information please visit:

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