Prolydian Weather Statement

The National Hurricane Center is issuing regular advisories regarding Hurricane Ian, which is expected to cause significant weather events throughout the state of Florida through Friday (9/30).

Prolydian recommends that any candidates located in Florida who are scheduled to test within the Prolydian system with remote proctoring on or near the expected landfall date reschedule their exam appointment to 5+ days after the expected landfall date. If you need assistance with rescheduling your appointment, please contact Prolydian support using the chat feature or by emailing We encourage candidates to act now.

All Prolydian staff are located in or near Florida. As the hurricane nears, our staff will be preparing to make sure they and their families remain safe throughout the hurricane. During this time, responses to support inquiries may be delayed. We appreciate your understanding.

Information regarding Hurricane Ian, including its current forecast track, is available at Always consult the NHC website and your local weather office for important, life-saving information.