Collection and distribution of fees? It’s automatic.

Money shuffling is a major time-waster but with Prolydian it’s integrated and seamless. 

Integrated Accounting


Overall program costs can be reduced by automating accounting activities -- such as billing and payment collection. Automated payments to partners such as consultants and test center providers effectively creates a high-stakes testing ecosystem. How are these common accounting functions automated? 

The Prolydian platform requires customers to buy “credits” to initiate testing activities. These prepayment credits serve as a “promise” and “heads up” to alert partners and service providers so that your program can run smoothly. 

Why use prepayment credits? 

  • They allow for volume discounts when your volume gets high. 
  • They allow you to budget and manage your spending.
  • Funds are available to service providers when services are rendered.
  • Front-end funds engender confidence and support. 
  • They support fair, equitable, and consistent pricing.

How do prepayment credits work? 

  • Establish and maintain your Prolydian prepay account.
  • For low volume one credit = $1. 
  • High volume programs can receive a discount for bulk purchase (see pricing)