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Proydian SEAL is the first security kiosk built with NCTA testing centers in mind.

The Rule of Thumb for Exam Integrity

Testing centers are in a constant arms race against cheating, question theft, and exam integrity challenges.  In addition, there is a never-ending balancing act between keeping up with current technology and maintaining stability in the testing environment.  Sometimes it may seem like you’re lucky to just keep up. We at Prolydian have developed a great new tool for testing centers that provides a secure, hassle-free, and tamper-proof environment for the delivery of online exams.  We call it Prolydian SEAL — the Secure Exam Access Link. Prolydian SEAL keeps your examinees focused on what’s important:  The exam.  No extra browser windows are allowed.  The typical PC “cheat keystrokes” are non-existent.  It’s impossible to install unauthorized software or to load files from unauthorized USB drives. The entire system is delivered via a single USB drive that you use with a standard desktop or laptop computer.  Nothing is written to (or read from) the hard drive.  Yes, you read that right!  It also doesn’t require any proprietary software or hardware to be installed.  All it takes is a one-time system configuration to enable your computer to boot from the thumb drive and you’re all set. After that, plug it in and Prolydian SEAL just works!

Prolydian SEAL

30 Day Free Trial
$ 0
  • 1 Prolydian SEAL Key
  • Full Set-Up of Your Custom Testing Portal
  • Unlimited Tests for 30 Days*

Prolydian SEAL

NCTA Package
$ 500
  • Full Set-Up of Your Custom Testing Portal
  • 30 Prolydian SEAL Keys
  • Unlimited Tests for the First 30 Days*
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