Prolydian Seal

Prolydian SEAL is a self-contained, bootable computer operating system on a USB thumb drive that turns any PC into a secured testing kiosk. Imagine a tiny secured computer that boots up on a thumb drive and uses a computer’s monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This tiny computer is not a full version of Microsoft Windows but instead only contains a single browser window with
access to a single (or several designated) secure test delivery websites. Prolydian SEAL transforms any PC into a fully secured testing kiosk without touching the PC !

Benefits & Features

  • Quick set-up
  • Locks down the PC so only the test is accessible
  • Nothing is installed
  • Contains no testing data
  • Secure from theft or loss
  • Works with All test vendors and test drivers
  • Captures data and statistics
  • The perfect secure testing solution for testing centers!

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Prolydian has teamed up with RegisterBlast to serve members of the NCTA and testing centers everywhere!