3 Easy Steps to Exam Excellence

Prolydian Achieve is The Most User Friendly Exam Management System on The Market


Achieve lets you collaboratively design your exams from blueprint to item banks to final exam forms right on the web.  Your item authors and subject matter experts can develop a world class exam in close communication even if they’re on different continents.


Once your exam is ready, you can deliver it online to your examinees with only a few clicks using Achieve’s online delivery option.  Registration and payment are built-in, as are results notifications and real-time statistics at both the exam and item bank level! Or, if you’ve already worked out your delivery off-line or through some other technology, you can export your exam or even create written exam booklets.  After an external delivery, you can import your results to keep your item bank and exam form statistics up to date, as well as to take advantage of Achieve’s automatic results notifications.


One of the most important parts of exam management is tracking and analyzing results to ensure the integrity and accuracy of your item bank and exam designs.  Achieve automates this tricky task by crunching the numbers in real-time and displaying real-time statistics right on your item bank and exam form design screens.  Your psychometrics are always right at your fingertips!

A Plan for Everyone

Whether you’re a school, an association, or an established certifying body, Prolydian has a plan for you. 

To learn more, just fill out the form below, and one of our team members will be in touch. 

Prolydian Achieve

Exam Design Package
$ 99
Per Month
  • Includes 1 item bank*
  • Unlimited exam items
  • Unlimited Exams/Forms**

Prolydian Achieve

Exam Delivery Package
$ 99
Per Month
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts
  • Unlimited Low-Stakes Quizzes*
  • Unlimited Examinee Users