Why are we Prolydian?

The year 2017 came with big changes for our company. As our work over the previous few years had broadened to assist our client’s efforts to foster excellence in their professions and organizations, it was becoming obvious that our brand’s scope needed to expand, as well.  While our name at the time, “ManageMyTests,” was a great way to encapsulate our original idea for providing an end-to-end platform for test delivery, we had grown, and continue to grow, into much more than that. Credential management, application processing, and association membership management are just a few of the new services that we had cooked up for our growing client base.  The old name just didn’t work anymore.

In response to our situation, we spent the latter part of 2017 revisiting our core mission and re-envisioning our company. It was a long and deliberate process, with several starts and stops.  We spent many long hours (yes, hours!) combing the dictionary, thesaurus, Wikipedia, and GoDaddy (the final word in “what’s available out there”).  We even did a friends and family survey of possible names, only to discard all the options we had offered!  Finally though, out of this exploration emerged a new company and a new vision: Prolydian.

“Why Prolydian?” you may ask.  The name is derived from the name of a type of mineral known as the “Lydian stone.”  Its discovery in ancient times (pre-Roman Empire!) provided the basis for a method of determining the quality and purity of precious metals and stones. The group of people who discovered it became known as the “Lydians” and were the first known group to successfully create gold and silver coinage. Also known as a “touchstone,” the Lydian stone’s use was simple.  First, it would be scratched with a piece of gold known to be pure. Then, when a sample of unknown quality was presented, a scratch could be made next to the original and compared. A similar scratch appearance would indicate a similar level of quality.

It struck us in our research of the Lydian stone and that peculiar technique of qualifying precious metals that it is something of a metaphor for the practice of exam development and administration. Known good answers are compared to an examinee’s attempt. Similar answers indicate a similar level of excellence.  Is your exam candidate’s “scratch” on the stone similar enough to the known good “scratch” to indicate a similar excellence in quality?

We could think of no better symbol for assessing the qualities of candidates than this.

In that same vein, our tagline was revised to indicate a broader focus, as well.  “Lead them to excellence” is a promise to our clients of new and expanded tools for helping their chosen profession or organization to reach new levels of achievement, as well as a reminder to us of our own mission.

Our new corporate vision embraces the full range of services needed by anyone whose business involves fostering learning and achievement — be it professional, education, or otherwise.  We believe our current and upcoming service offerings show our commitment to this vision and serve to help our clients and their chosen fields reach new heights of excellence.

So, that’s why we’re Prolydian!

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